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Millennial (1985 - 1995)

You’re starting to find a footing in this world, establishing yourself in the workforce, and perhaps even getting married. With all this new responsibility, your insurance needs are starting to become more prevalent. For millennials, Hibbits Insurance focuses on those key areas to help set up your future:

Auto Insurance: Commuting to work and increased travel may require you review your current policy and carrier to confirm the suitable limits are in place. If you carpool with other families, consider increasing liability coverage or adding an umbrella policy to help protect your assets should you have a vehicle crash or accident in your home.

Health Insurance: Don’t feel tempted to skip health insurance because you are young and healthy! An accident now could cost thousands. Healthy, young adults typically pay the lowest insurance premiums. To lower yours even more, choose a plan such as an High Deductible Health Plan with a Health Savings Account.

Renter’s Insurance: Although the building owner typically carries fire, disaster and liability insurance on a property, your personal possessions are not protected. Renter’s insurance covers the value of your possessions and liability for events occurring within your residence at a reasonable cost. Keep an up-to-date inventory of your apartment’s contents.

Life Insurance: If you are a young single with no dependents, you may wait to purchase life insurance. But if you have dependents, such as aging parents or children, you could consider term-life insurance for a large dollar payout for relatively low premiums in the event of your death.

"Hibbits Insurance provides the best customer service that you could possibly ask for."

Norma Burns, Administrator, Phillips Shoes