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Greatest Generation

The Greatest Generation (<1945)

Welcome to your golden years! Hibbits Insurance wants to make sure you are enjoying the fruits of your hard work.

  • Auto Insurance: While drivers aged 55-70, may qualify for a discount, those over 75 have higher accident rates and therefore may have higher premiums. By limiting your driving (such as driving in daylight only or less than 7,500 miles per year), you may qualify for lower rates. Participating in a senior driving refresher course may also lower premiums.
  • Health Insurance: Have your reviewed COBRA and individual insurance plan options? If you have not yet purchased long-term care insurance, does it make sense for you?
  • Life Insurance: When grown children are no longer dependent on you, you may wish to decrease the amount of term insurance you carry. The same is true if your home is paid off. If you are retiring and have a life-insurance policy provided by your employer, determine if it can be converted to an individual policy. With eligibility at age 59 ½ and older to withdraw funds tax penalty-free from your IRA or 401K, you may be considering investing in an annuity; be sure to study all products and terms carefully.


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